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Cesium Supplement: Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, Dosage ...Despite serious safety concerns, non-radioactive cesium is taken by mouth for treating cancer. This is sometimes called "high pH therapy." According to people who promote high pH therapy, taking cesium chloride by mouth reduces the acidity of tumor cells (raises their pH), which are described as very acidic. But these claims are not supported by science.

Cesium Toxicity - MyersdetoxSymptoms of Cesium Toxicity. Cesium is an incredibly toxic, radioactive metal that causes a plethora of symptoms and health conditions, namely fatigue. Some of the primary symptoms of radioactive cesium toxicity include: Chronic fatigue (1, 2) Decreased appetite (6) Nausea (6) Diarrhea (6) Vomiting; Headache; Seizures; Cardiac arrhythmiasCesium TherapyCesium-therapy has 15 years of experience in helping people do high ph cesium therapy-cesium treatment on metastasized cancer treatment safely and correctly at homes.We offer medications tailored specifically to cure the type of cancer you have at a very effective cost with high quality services.Nutrients and Cancer: An Introduction to Cesium Therapy"high pH" therapy, resides in changing the acidic pH range of the cancer cell by cesium (or rubidium) towards weak alkalinity in which the survival of the cancer cell is endangered, and the formation of acidic and toxic materials, normally formed in cancer cells, is neutralized and eliminated. Antioxidants Minerals Cesium Oxygenation Diet OzoneCESIUM: User ratings for effectiveness, side effects ...Read user ratings and reviews for CESIUM on WebMD including side effects and interactions, treatment effectiveness, ease of use, safety and satisfaction.Cesium - High pH Therapy: Neal's Dosage | Cancer Cover-UpNOTE: A few individuals have read that radioactive Cesium is used by radiologists in conventional cancer treatment and asked whether this is the same as Cesium - High pH Therapy. No, it is not. Cesium - High pH Therapy utilizes only unaltered, naturally occurring, non-radioactive Cesium, in the form of a salt - Cesium chloride.

Cesium Carbonate and Cesium Chloride Kills Cancer Cells

1In his publication, Cesium therapy in cancer patients, Dr. Sartori describes the 2 week treatment of 50 last stage, metastasized, terminal cancer patients (13 comatose), with Cesium salts. All were expected to die within weeks, with the survival rate being less than one in ten million.Heal Yourself At HomeHow does Cesium chloride therapy work? One common effect of cesium therapy is that patients report loss of pain within 1-3 days of initiating therapy . Cesium chloride treatment can cause inflammation/swelling. Treatment makes cancer cells "sick", which mobilizes the immune system to deal with them, thus causing inflammation.pH Therapy (Cesium Chloride Protocol) « Daily Truth PillsIntroduction to pH Therapy (a.k.a. Cesium Chloride Protocol) When it comes to treating advanced cancers, fast growing cancers, cancers that have spread significantly, high fatality cancers, cancers which have spread to the bones, etc., the cesium chloride protocol .Radiation Therapy for Prostate CancerFeb 16, 2016· The 2 main types of radiation therapy used for prostate cancer are: External beam radiation; Brachytherapy (internal radiation) (Another type of radiation therapy, in which a medicine containing radiation is injected into the body, is described in Preventing and Treating Prostate Cancer Spread to the Bone.) External beam radiation therapy (EBRT)Cesium Toxicity - Chelation Medical Center LLCThe isotope 137 Cesium is used in radiation therapy for certain types of cancer. Other medical uses of Cesium are monitoring left ventricular function with 137 Cesium iodide probes and monitoring pulmonary (lung) endothelial permeability with 137 Cesium iodide crystal mini-detectors.

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2The Cesium Chloride Protocol directly targets cancer cells. Normal cells do not ingest the cesium chloride. The Treatment Protocol. The first product is Cesium (High Dose Ionic Cesium Chloride Concentrate). The dosage is one tablespoon twice a day with food.holisticcancersolutionsWhat is the success rate? According to the literature, cesium cancer therapy is the treatment of choice even for "irreversible" end-stage cancers. In every case where a cancer patient follows the cesium protocol, there will be positive results. However, it is not a miracle cure.Cesium Chloride | Sunridge Medical CenterCesium is a rare, naturally occurring element of alkali metal, similar in chemical structure to lithium, sodium and potassium. Cesium chloride is a non-radioactive salt form of this element. Cesium chloride is most commonly associated with High pH therapy and cancer.Effectiveness of Cesium 131 BrachytherapyCesium 131 brachytherapy isotope is among the most effective radioactive seeds for internal radiation treatment of prostate cancer and various other malignancies. The isotope offers several advantages over the traditionally available radioactive seeds and helps to reduce the treatment time and severity of symptoms for the patients.Testimonial - Bladder Transitional Cell Carcinoma Healed w ...You might also want to know that there is a definitive book on Cesium Chloride, one of the aspects of Ganga's Combination. The book is written by Dr. Sartori, MD. Please consult Cesium Chloride (High pH Therapy): A Cure for Cancer? for details. With deep gratitude to Ganga for his commendable work and courage. He is a fine example for us all!

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